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The Folding Knife

Posted on 25 February 2013

One of the primary tools for the Survivalist is the Folding Knife. This is used for food preparation, as pry bar, screw driver, box opener and self-defense weapon. In most cases, the Urban Survivalist will use it to open mail, packages, and to cut twine. The country counterpart will use it to whittle, cut rope, […] Continue Reading

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Could YOU Evacuate? Preparing for Disaster

Posted on 11 February 2013

It is interesting to me that as Hurricane Gustav neared, people watching TV just casually said “Well, they better evacuate.” Which brings to my mind a nagging question: “Have YOU ever been forced to evacuate?” Rapidly followed by “How easy is it?” I mean really, how easy is it to get the kids, family, pets, […] Continue Reading

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Stranded: Your Vehicle Preparedness Kit

Posted on 04 February 2013

Thank goodness for my vehicle preparedness kit. Recently I was heading to a rural mountain security installation when my vehicle broke down. As I drove up a winding remote dirt road of steep grade, my car simply died. Heat gauge… temp slightly higher than normal. Oil… a little low, but not less than a quart. […] Continue Reading

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Mindset and Attitude: Fight to Win?

Posted on 28 January 2013

Modern arena matches exhibit the current perception of the “Warrior Class”.  But there is a dramatic difference between this and the Soldier in Afghanistan.  There is a difference in the Mindset and to an extent the Attitude, not so much in the training.  This can be easily viewed by watching the UFC or Ultimate Fighting […] Continue Reading

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The Art of Making Do

Posted on 04 January 2013

Making do; many times I marvel at how wasteful a society our western culture can be. We are told that “convenience is king”, and if you need something, buy it. Very rarely are we told to save our money or the dreaded “make do with what you have” that parents around the world tell their […] Continue Reading

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